Our Vision

This is Orangefield’s mission:

Our church exists to bring people to Jesus and membership of his family, to help them grow to maturity and equip them for ministry in the church and their life’s mission in the world so that God might be worshipped in all our living.

We have set ourselves five purposes, highlighted below, all of which are supported by prayer:

  1. To have worship that is relevant, offered to God as a sacrifice of our lives, and open to the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. To be a spiritually vibrant, inclusive and welcoming community; a place of healing for those who are lonely, hurting, depressed, tired and confused; a church where all may find love, acceptance, hope, help, forgiveness, guidance, encouragement and support. We aim to have everyone involved in or having access to a small group for fellowship.
  3. To help our members become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Such discipleship should be marked by a deepening relationship with the Lord and each other, so our lives may demonstrate faithfulness and integrity to God and His word.
  4. To equip our members for ministry by helping them discover their God given gifts. We believe every person’s ministry is significant in the Kingdom of God. Every believer is called to equip themselves as a soldier and servant of Christ.
  5. To make outreach both a local and global priority. We aim to share the good news of Jesus in the community where the church building is located, in all the communities to which our members belong and even to the far corners of the earth.

That all sounds wonderful doesn’t it,  but how do we do it?

It’s our job as elders to make these ideals relevant to the place and times we’ve been put in.
One part of Christian leadership is to use our skills & knowledge to come up with Strategy for the next few years.
But we’re also very aware that a Vision from God is sometimes different from our ‘common sense’. Relying just on common sense, a church can lose it’s way for a while.

Jesus said the Spirit of God is like the wind and He blows where He decides. So it’s our job not just to be strategists, but also to respond, and change direction or ‘tack our sails’.