Orangefield Presbyterian Church


Our staff team are here to serve, love and lead. They are a diverse group of individuals who love Jesus, who laugh, pray and work hard together. Our Elders are an amazing group of people who pray, plan, serve and lead the church and community into a deeper experience of Jesus and life.


"Orangefield is a church where everyone is welcome. We would love to see you this Sunday!"



"My name is Gareth. I’m married to Lara and we have 3 amazing kids, Karis, Archie and Lily. When I am not running, reading or drinking good coffee I have the privilege of leading an amazing gathering of people in Orangefield.

5 years ago a church leader prophesied and prayed the words of Ephesians 3: 14-21 over me. I had been a Jesus follower for 25 years and working for churches for 12 of those years and yet in that moment God started to do something new and deeper within me and through me. I became overwhelmed by both the knowledge and experience of God’s love for me. But along with that love, or perhaps because of it, I became increasingly aware of the power that is available to the believer in Jesus Name. This balance of love and power, intimacy and authority has shaped my ministry ever since.

I believe that God is inviting us to be part of his family and to partner with him in releasing his Kingdom. Children of the King and carriers of the Kingdom."


Gareth MacLean, Minister - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Gareth MacLean


Gary Ball, Associate Minister - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Gary Ball

Associate Minister

David Irvine, Facilities Manager - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

David Irvine

Facilities Manager

Nicola Clarke, Youth Worker  - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Nicola Clarke

Youth Worker

Patricia Jamison, Family Worker - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Patricia Jamison

Family Worker

Elaine Boyle, Pastoral Assistant - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Elaine Boyle

Pastoral Assistant

Chris Lyttle, Caretaker - Orangfield Presbyterian Church

Chris Lyttle