Orangefield Presbyterian Church

Together with Jesus bringing life to Belfast and the nations

I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new seeds—a plentiful harvest of new lives.”  John 12:24

As Jesus followers we are invited into His life, His story, and His mission.

It is a story of multiplication

1 became 12;

12 became 120;

120 became 3000

and today there are 2.2 billion Christians on the planet with 5.8 billion people needing to encounter and accept Jesus.
In Orangefield, we continue to hunger for God’s Presence; we read our Bibles, we care for one another and we love our neighbours.

As we journey towards April 2033, when we will celebrate the 2000th anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection, our goal must be multiplication – disciples making disciples, churches planting churches.

And so we set out…

to Belfast and the nations.


Growing as God’s family; marked by hospitality, authenticity and deeply committed relationships.

Becoming more like Jesus through our gathered and individual rhythms and intentionally raising up others as disciple-makers.

Supporting and blessing individuals and communities at home and around the world through radical service and generosity.

Practising innovation, creativity and partnership as we equip God’s people to walk in the Spirit and see His Kingdom come.

These priorities are uniquely rooted in the story God has been telling in Orangefield for over 80 years.

They reflect much of who we are and what we do, and as the cultural and spiritual landscape of Belfast and Northern Ireland changes, these are the things God is calling us to embody with a new imagination and intensity, as we partner with His Spirit in telling and living the Gospel in a world that is lost and anxious.

Our Vision Document

Download a hard copy of our Vision document Orangefield Vision Doc 2023